Digitization of CAG drives has begun

Introducing the CAG Smart App, which converts traditional drives into intelligent, wirelessly connected devices. By simply reading a unique code, you will connect your drive to the mobile application and give your machine lots of new possibilities. Whether you only value the machine’s data card or take advantage of the manufacturer’s proactive service and technical support, the application will record all data in the health card. All functions can then be conveniently controlled and evaluated from anywhere using your smartphone or computer.

Key functional benefits:

EASY Connection

CAG App is a brand new concept of communicating your drive with your mobile phone. With a unique code that is placed on each CAG smart product, one photo is all you need and your device will automatically be written to the application. The write to the virtual storage is then mirrored automatically if you agree to it.


Each airliner pilot reads the operating instructions again and again before taking off. This makes air travel the safest form of travel. At CAG, we also strive to minimize human error, so we've developed a smart interactive manual for you. It will guide you through every step of the drive life cycle in detail.


With Proactive Service, you no longer have to worry about when and how to perform the necessary maintenance. The application will automatically notify you of upcoming service milestones, advise you on how and what to do properly. And even if there are any technical issues, the app will help you solve them. In situations where the application is no longer sufficient, you can contact our service engineers online to resolve the situation together.


Check the health status of your drive continuously in a virtual health card. Entries are saved automatically every time you operate your drive. This way you can easily assess who, when and how performed the last service maintenance, what is the trend of measured quantities.


Keep your drive under control even when you're not in the office. The CAG Web and CAG App cloud platforms let you get up-to-date information about your device from any computer or phone. Of course, only if you have the necessary permissions.

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