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Since its inception, industry has undergone a number of major innovations that we divide into milestones called Industrial Revolutions. The first in the 18th century brought us the mechanization associated with the use of steam. The other two focused on electricity use and process automation. All of this has already been realized, and we are now on the verge of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, which aims to involve the Internet massively in production processes. CAG does not want to stand far from these fundamental industry changes, and so comes the innovative CAG Smart Vision 4.0 project. Under this vision, we will gradually introduce a range of innovations that will fundamentally transform the use of industrial drives and reduce their environmental impact. Come to change the world with us.“

Digital transformation of drives in CAG concept

Intelligent CAG App + turns traditional motors into smart, wirelessly connected devices.
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Smart senzor

Intelligent sensor, constantly monitors the status of your device and stores important data in memory for future use.

Smart technology

SRM motor is currently the most advanced technology in the field of IEC drives. CAG is ready for the challenge.

Smart future

We are care about the future of our planet, so we are constantly working to develop Eco friendly products.

Application of SMART VISION:

Motor App Smart App +

The new Smart App + Motor family includes a mobile application from CAG that simplifies the collection of machine health data and provides easy access to expert analysis. This increases efficiency and ensures reliability throughout the motor life cycle.

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